Updated - Sept 10, 2021


District A-16 Governor's Newsletters / Reports


September 2021


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District A-16 Reports


Service Activity Report (SAR)

Found on the MYLION page (Go to www.lionsclubs.org and click 'Member Login' to

with your UserID and password.)

You may also find the following useful:

Using MyLION to promote and report Club Service Activities (Webinar)

Webinar recording available at the following link


(Skip the first 8 minutes to get to the start of the webinar.)


Zone Chair Report Template 2018-2019

Microsoft Word Version

PDF Version


Region Chair Report Tempate 2017-2018

Microsoft Word Version

PDF Version



District A-16 Constitution and By-Laws


District A-16 Constitution and By-laws (Updated May 28, 2021)


A-16 Policy Manual (Updated March 15, 2021)

Contains the following Appendices

District Convention Bid Form

District Officer Nomination Form

Club Secretary Excellence Application Form



General Documents


Protocol Guide Lions A-16 (July 31, 2016)


Lions Clubs Camp Kirk Foundation - Letter and Nomination for Director Form (Updated March 16, 2018)

For more info on Lions Clubs Camp Kirk foundation click "Here"


Club Excellence Award Application 2020-2021


Vision Screening Documents


Effective Speaking Contest Rules and Entry Form 2020


Regulatory Reference Guide


Governor's Contest


Awards and Fellowships