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Accessibility Committee Purpose Statement


The District A-16 Accessibility Committee will review District A-16 club facilities to show our members that we truly are inclusive and follow the guidelines given by the Government of Ontario and by the AODA.


The Accessibility Committee will continue to produce information to bring awareness to Accessibility issues for all members who face visible and non-visible challenges. We as a committee will encourage those members with disabilities to enjoy a productive and enjoyable membership experience as an active Lions Club member.



Since 2017, when the Accessibility Committee was created, we have been working hard to bring Awareness to Disability and Accessibility issues.


“Our mission is to promote Lionism by ensuring that it is accessible to everyone by removing barriers for those who face visible and non-visible challenges and by creating a culture of inclusion and acceptance.”


One of the main purposes of the Accessibility Awareness Committee is to make sure that District A-16 is fully accessible by the standards of the AODA (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act) which is a statue enacted in 2005 by the government of Ontario.  The purpose is to improve accessibility for Ontarians with a physical and medical disability to all public establishments by 2025.


We have compiled some Tips that you can access for the following topics:


1. The Mission Statement

2. The Accessibility Logo

3. Disabilities

4. The Accessible Lion

5. Tips on Vision Loss

6. Tips on Hearing Impairment

7. Tips on Non-Visible Disabilities

8. Tips on Dietary Considerations

9. Tips on Service Dogs

10. Club Self-Evaluation Check List

11. FAQ's


Implementing some of these Tips in your clubs is a first step to being a more accessible Lions Club.


Today, I am pleased to announce that the Accessibility Committee has created a Brochure called “Did You Know” that will give you a better understanding on Disabilities and Accessibility Issues.  A Digital copy of the brochure can be downloaded below.


Accessibility Awareness Brochure


MD'A' Accessibility Committee District Chairperson's E-Book


Living with Non-Visible Challenges


If anyone would like assistance and recommendations to improve your club facility, i.e. physical barriers such as ramps, lighting, accessible bathrooms etc. The Accessibility Committee would be happy to work with you.


The Accessibility Committee is making sure District A-16 is doing our part.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Yours in Lionism,


Lion Khrisstina Engel

District A-16 Accessibility Committee Chairperson

Email Address:

Phone Number: 905-252-7004