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Dr. Patti Hill from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada was elected to serve as International President of Lions Clubs International at the association’s 105th International Convention, July 7 through July 11, 2023.


International President Hill is president of a consulting firm. With 30 years of experience as an educator and psychologist, she has mentored graduate students and psychologists in training. She has also championed the rights of children and youth who are deaf and/or blind.

A member of the Edmonton Host Lions Club since 1990, International President Hill has held many offices within the association, including district chairperson for Membership, Environment, Convention and International Cooperation and Understanding. Additionally, she has served as a committee member for the USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum, multinational coordinator for Campaign SightFirst II, secretary for the Lions Eyebank (Alberta) Society, Vice President of the Lions Eye Research Institute of Northern Alberta and presenter at many forums and conventions. Dr Hill is a founding member of the Lions of Canada Consultative Committee.


In recognition of her service to the association, International President Hill has received numerous awards, including several International President’s Awards. She has been honored with the Ambassador of Good Will Award, the highest honor the association bestows upon its members. She is also a Progressive Melvin Jones Fellow, and recipient of numerous other fellowships.


In addition to her Lions activities, International President Hill is active in numerous professional, human rights, and community organizations. In the past, she served as an executive officer of the Alberta Association of School Psychologists and the Association of Canadian Educators of the Hearing Impaired. International President Hill has also served on the Alberta Premier’s Council on Persons with Disabilities.


International President Hill and her husband, Greg Holmes, also a Lion, enjoy time with their family which has grown to include Pieter, Carley and grandson Alexander, Erin, Mike and granddaughter, Violet, and Jessica and Mitch.











Lion Sudha Verma came into Lionism in November 2008, by joining Markham Milliken Mills Lions Club, and was selected to be the President of the club in 2009, serving as President from 2009 - 2013.


She moved on to serve as Zone Chair for Zone 18 West for two consecutive years. She continued to serve her club on many board positions and organized many fundraising events to raise funds.


She is now a proud member of her New Chartered club Markham Mantra Lions Club - 2022.


She also served the Cabinet as Hunger Committee Chair 2018-2019 for District A-16 and moved on to serve as the Region Chair for Region 18 from the year 2019 to 2021.


In 2021 she was elected to serve as the Second Vice District Governor for District A16 and continued to serve as First Vice District Governor from 2022 -2023.

Lion Sudha has been honored with the Melvin Jones Fellowship for her dedication to service, she is also a recipient of International President's Certificates of appreciation, and also possesses the Helen Keller Award.


Sudha has attended the Advanced leadership Training Institute in Chicago. She received her bachelor’s degree from the Lions University at the USA/ Canada Leadership forum and has also completed her Masters. Lion Sudha is a Certified Guiding Lion.


She was awarded with the International Flag set for the Club Year Around Growth program in 2010, This was a high honor for her club as only 21 clubs worldwide receive this distinction each year. Lion Sudha was given the William Brady Memorial - District Region Chairperson award for the year 2019-2020.


Lion Sudha was Born and raised in New Delhi India.  She has a BA Degree in Psychology and possesses a Diploma in Textile Designing. Worked as an Art Teacher in India before migrating to Canada.  Here in Canada, she enjoys working as a Real Estate Broker and helps people settle in their new homes. Sudha has been actively involved in the community and has served on Board positions with several other organizations.

Sudha has been blessed with one son and now is a proud Grandma with her first granddaughter Aaria Verma.


In her free time Sudha enjoys doing her Artwork, Loves to do cooking and enjoys playing chess with her son.





Updated - Aug 11, 2023