MyLCI Training Video Series


Club Secretaries - Membership and Service Activity Reports



These YouTube videos were created to help Club secretaries do their Club Membership Reports and Service Activity Reports in MyLCI. These two monthly "reports" are required to be completed for every Lions Club. It is the hope of the District Governor's Team that should you need assistance these short, task focused YouTube videos will help you in completing your Club reporting duties.





Accessing MyLCI, logon and logout -

Overview of the MyLCI Home Screen -

Editing your Club's Information in MyLCI -

Overview of reports from MyLCI available to Club Secretaries -

Creating Membership Cards in MyLCI -



MMR (Monthly Membership Report)


If no membership activity occurred in your Club in the month being reported you will be

Reporting no Membership Activity on MyLCI -

Otherwise, enter each of the membership activity in your club as it occurs and by the end of the month the reporting will have been done. Afterwards, all that is needed is a quick review on the last day of the month to correct any errors.

Adding a new member on MyLCI -

Dropping a Club member in MyLCI -

Transferring in a member in MyLCI -

Editing/updating a Club member's information on MyLCI -

Reinstating a former Club member on MyLCI -

Creating a Family Unit on MyLCI -



SAR (Service Activity Report)


The SAR can be completed by reporting Service and Administrative Activities immediately after they occur, while the details are fresh in the minds of the Lions involved. Afterwards, all that is needed is a quick review on the last day of the month to correct any errors. Alternatively, a Club Secretary could wait until the end of the month and enter all the activities for the previous month. However, this approach is much harder since members may have a harder time recalling details of the event as time passes. The use of Signature Service Activities will make the work much more efficient as it creates a re-useable template of any activity's Title and Description for recurring activities by your Club.

Reporting a Service Activity in MyLCI -

Editing or deleting a Service Activity on MyLCI -

Reporting Administrative Service Activities in your SAR in MyLCI -

Create a Signature Service Activity in MyLCI to speed up reporting -

Reporting Lioness Service Activities in your SAR in MyLCI -