Lions Clubs International Centennial Celebration

Centennial Video: Peace and International Understanding

Since its founding, Lions have dedicated themselves to building peace and international understanding across borders and generations. Watch the newest Centennial video to learn how Lions' reach has grown across global communities over the past 100 years


Centennial Service Challenge!

For nearly 100 years, Lions have served their communities with dedication and contributed to the development and well-being of millions of people around the world. To celebrate our 100th anniversary, we are asking Lions to help reach our Centennial Service Challenge goal of serving more than 100 million people by June 2018.

Engaging our Youth

Support youth in your community, or inspire the next generation of volunteers by inviting Leos and other local youth to serve on a project with you.

Sharing the Vision

Prevent future cases of unecessary blindness through vision screenings and educational events. Give the gift of sight through projects that benefit those who are blind or living with low vision.

Relieving the Hunger

Improve access to healthy food for vulnerable populations in your community.

Protecting our Environment

Protect and improve the environment to make your community a healthier place to live for everyone.


Centennial Community Legacy Projects


With three levels of participation, there’s an opportunity for every club to get involved. Choose a project from the list below or develop your own to address specific needs in your community.

Level 1 - Raise your Community Visibility


  • Post new Lions signs
  • Donate a park bench
  • dedicate a statue
  • Sponsor a fountain in a local park


Level 2 - Provide a Community Gift


  • Refurbish a park or playground
  • Build a footbridge over a busy road
  • Fund resources for the visually impaired
  • Donate a vehicle to a community organization


Level 3 - Make a Community Impact


  • Build a clinic
  • Expand a library or school
  • Develop a training center
  • Equip an area hospital



All Legacy Projects should be identified with a sign or plaque

indicating the project was donated by your Lions club.






      2016-2017 (Current Year)   2015-2016  
Club Name   Youth Vision Hunger Environment   Youth Vision Hunger Environment
Ajax    x x  
Aurora   x x x   x x x x
Beaverton   x x x   x x x
Blackstock Cartwright   x x x   x x x
Bobcaygeon & District   x x   x x
Brooklin Ashburn Myrtle   x x   x x x x
Cannington   x x x   x x x x
Fenelon Falls & District      x x
Fowlers Courners & Dist   x x  
Greenbank   x x x x   x x x
Haliburton & District   x x x x   x x x x
Keswick & District   x x x   x x x
Kinmount & Dist   x   x x x x
Lindsay   x x   x x x x
Maple   x x x   x x x x
Markham   x x   x x x
Markham Millikens Mills   x x x   x x x x
Minden   x x x   x x x x
Mount Albert District   x x x   x x
Newmarket   x x x   x x x
Newmarket North   x x x x   x x x x
Oakwook & Dist    
Omemee District   x x x x   x x x x
Ontario York Region Heritage   x x  
Oshawa Airport   x   x x
Oshawa North Oshawa   x x x   x x
Pefferlaw District   x   x x x x
Port Perry   x  
Sharon     x x x
Stouffville   x   x x x
Sunderland   x x x x   x x x x
Sutton & District   x   x
Udora & Leaskdale   x x x   x x x x
Uxbridge   x  
Whitby   x  
Woodville & District   x x x x   x x x x