District A-16 Accessibility Awareness Committee

The Mission of this Committee is to encourage our Lions to view their meeting places through the eyes of persons with disabilities. Individuals with vision impairment, hearing impairment, wheelchair or accessibility issues, persons with service dogs and guide dog etiquette, and persons with dietary restrictions are all functional and contributing members of Lions. We are looking at our facilities to ensure that they are welcoming to all people and that they are safe and easily accessible to all.


One of the main purposes of the Accessibility Awareness Committee is to make sure that District A-16 is fully accessible by the standards of the AODA (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act which is a statute enacted in 2005 by the government of Ontario, Canada for the Purpose of improving accessibility standards for Ontarians with physical and medical disabilities to all public establishments by 2025.)


In September, we will be focusing on Club facilities that are owned by the Lions Club and look at their accessibility issues. If the Club is in agreement after the discussion has occurred, we can investigate what grants are available. We will have Lion Larry Doble, LCIF Grants Committee Chairperson to help.


The Accessibility Awareness Committee plans to start working on Reading Materials to help Secretaries and Officer’s for the Vision Impaired. Explaining the technologies that help with reading documents. We will try and answer any questions on document formats that the vision impaired technologies can be used with.


We will be providing an Etiquette Guide for Service Dogs as some Lions want to pat Lions with service dogs when they are working.


We will also provide Reading materials describing what the difference between all the Dietary Food Restrictions are and explaining what Vegan means as an example and what food substitutes are acceptable for that individual.